Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kitty needs a name!

These are two kittens I rescued. A neighbor kid found them, they were only about a week old. Now here they are they are about eight weeks old and very active. They are both Boys, the black one I had already named (Boo- because I always wanted a boo boo kitty and I got him in October) but we thought the gray one was a girl until recently and we need a name for him. Please help us name this little guy.


Debra Mc said...

I can't tell if those eyes are blue or green from the photo, but the name Cal-- as in Ripken, the baseball player with those incredible icy-blue eyes-- comes to mind. Both kitties are soooo adorable! And lucky to have you for a mom :)

Kim said...

Hi Julie, I like 'matching' names so how about Boo & Buttons? I like the name Buttons for a cat...and he's gorgeous, very dignified looking.

Love your blog, you're very talented!!

Kim (laurelynfey)

Robin said...

He makes me think of a charcoal art pencil so I would name him "sketch" if he were mine. How adorable he is! Nice blog too, will be back again :)

Holly said...

Julie, awesome artwork!

About the kitties...Boo is a precious name ~
The gray kitty looks like he's capable of a whole lot of mischief ~ He's already thinking about the trouble he can get into! When I look at that adorable little guy, the name Sid comes to me!


Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

Such cuties!

Ash - as in wood ashes or cinders

di-did-it said...

How adorable, and what wonderful additions to your family! For some reason, "Zorro" comes to mind when I look at the little gray guy.

I'm sorry you lost your best friend. How fantastic that you had 18 years together. And such a great name ~ Mystic.

Nice blog ~ I'll be back.